What is Radsone & its DCT?

Innovative audio tech company Radsone provides solutions based on its Distinctive Clear Technology ™ to the world.

Radsone DCT does

Completely analyze, then eliminate artifacts in digital music. In result, it restores the music piece to the life.

No compromise in quality

Most care for quality sound. Unlikely artificial effects such as EQ and Surround, Radsone DCT only eliminates digital artifacts.

Bluetooth Hi-Fi

Radsone is the first mover enabling Bluetooth Hi-Fi audio. Radsone, a Qualcomm CSR partner years ago, has closely cooperated with Qualcomm and provided proprietary Bluetooth Hi-Fi audio solutions to global makers. Learn more..

"Compared to a standard player - heaven and earth"

Rolling Stone

"No matter of using earbuds, good headphones or in car - this app can deliver much more pleasure listening to my tunes!”


“Best music app - Radsone Music player plays music the way it was meant to be listened to.”


“This is such a unique style app, no one would dare take on Apple, except Radsone. And they've won.”


"Phenomenal Sound. Radsone made me hear parts of my favourite songs I've never heard before!"

Sidbro,   + about 5,000 reviews available on App Store